Coaching College Baseball

College Baseball Coaches please check out the coaching youth and high school baseball. There is a lot of information that you can use in your baseball program.

My goal is to get amateur baseball to start to do drills and stop all this scrimmaging and standing around! There should never be any standing around. Your players will never reach their full playing ability doing scrimmages.

It is important to have as many coaches as possible, to give a lot of individual attention. At the Junior College level there is a serious shortage of coaches, to work with the players. This is terrible as the players will never reach their full potential.

If you can only afford one or two coaches, go out into the community, and search for volunteers. I guarantee you will find some men with a lot of knowledge that are willing to help. They can work in the batting cage; hit fly balls, drills, and so much more. I guarantee that if you read and follow some of my ideas your players will improve!