Big Dog Baseball USA Agenda for Writers

  • Work and teach coaches at Amateur Level. We want to have this coordinated all across the country.
  • Directory for Hitting and Pitching Clinics all across the country.
  • Promote our writers on first page.
  • Promote specialties of our writers.
  • I work for our writers, and will promote them to the masses, with press releases and so much more.
  • Writers Newsletter soon. In the meantime will be a tab for information.
  • Tab for announcing new and recent writers.
  • College and High school players write articles. Discuss the game with head coach about strategy and etc. The player has the desire to be a coach in the future or a writer.
  • Massage Therapists all over the country writing. We want to get them in the dugouts.
  • Education of our athletes- The great majority do not get to play in The Big Show! We will teach the athletes the importance of education.
  • Available Expertise- Books, Coach Association, Backyard Baseball Tapes, Massage, Vision, Mental part of game, Promotion Book, Dedicated Coaches, Education- College and Trades.
  • Move up the SEO Engine Fast- Lots of writers doing their thing, Polls, Lists, Surveys, Reviews, Interviews, and with some of our writers telling a story.
  • Business people with protected territory as much as possible.
  • We have high expectations for our players and all that are involved with Big Dog Baseball USA.

We will make a big splash by all of us working together!  I am looking forward to meeting, talking, and discussing baseball and what we will accomplish with our writers!


Bob Brown