Wong pickoff 4th game 2013 WS

Kolten Wong ¬†pickoff last night was an uncalled for mistake! His run meant nothing at all. The tying run was Beltran at the plate! He was told the exact situation. This should not be done at the youth level. I was past this situation until I saw the interview with Wong after the game and he said this “Not at all. I was just getting ready, getting aggressive,” he said. “It was a hitting situation. Carlos, he can drive the ball. If that ball got down somewhere, I was hoping to go first to third, maybe score.” He also said he was hoping to score on a hit and be aggressive! Wasnt he taught how to play the game as a kid! You take a conservative lead because the run means zero! Beltran is everything! I wasnt happy with the play but his comments afterwards really bothered me.

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Bob Brown

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  1. Here’s my take on the Wong pick off play….First of all, being he is a rookie in his first season and first EVER WORLD SERIES….What the heck was the first base Coach doing? If there was ever a time to get in the players grill it was right there! Second of all, Wong was the wrong guy to be pinch running. Why not Adran Chambers? Lastly this should never had the chance to happen because Wong has absolutely nor reason to even be on the Post Season roster…He has no value as bench player as he batted less than 200 all year! Like Mujica he has not earned a spot on the post season team! This mistake din’t lose us the game but was a real embarrasment. Another guy providing no value is David freese. he looks absolutely lost! Hope he gets few hits in his last year as a Cardinal!

    Tonight game is for all the marbles…>If Cards win they have a chance. If they lose its all over!

  2. Lew,

    If you read the article from the post they pounded into him the situation. This was basic baseball and I am sure the coaches told him what was going on. I am more concerned with his comments after the game. He has to understand that his run meant nothing. Beltran was the tying run. Chambers is off the roster and replaced by Craig. Wong is going to be a good baseball player in the future, another year at AAA will have him ready. But I do now want to keep Carp at 2b and hope Freese bounces back next year. Freese should have spent 2-3 weeks on rehab at the start of the season. I agree Freese is completely lost and needs to let the ball travel and drive the ball to RF! He is very tight and needs to relax. He should play some winter ball to get his head together. Freese has no value and would bring little in return. We have 3b on the farm that could be ready in a couple of years.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Bob Brown

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