Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits



Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits

This is a short summary of the benefits and some details of Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits. You will become a member of the Big Dog Baseball USA Family and this will take your program to the next level! We are here to assist you to promote the game and to also improve the play on the diamond.

Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits!

There will be improvements if you are dedicated to working our program!

  1. Scoreboard
  2. Concession Stand
  3. Restrooms
  4. Fencing
  5. Bleachers
  6. Indoor Facilities
  7. Turf
  8. So Much More!

Big Dog Baseball USA will be Promoting Baseball from Youth to the College Level. Our manual will explain to the Baseball World how to promote the game to the masses.

When I started to play Baseball in the 1960s, it seemed that most boys played at one time or another and then the ones who couldn’t make the grade went on to other interests. This is all fine because you want to find and participate in an interest that you can be successful and find enjoyment.   Even if you couldn’t make the grade on the diamond you could still be a fan, and watch the game for entertainment.

Over the years I have noticed a downward spiral in playing and watching the game. I think baseball has missed the boat in promoting at all levels.  There is the competition from the other sports, which are also competing to get the most skilled and best athletes available. This is and will be a major part of our business to elevate the interest in the game and make the game better for all the players, coaches and fans.

We go into detail and are always looking for more ways that our coaches can promote and increase the interest in the game. Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits will be dealing with raising funds and profit from Youth to College.

Baseball has always been called “The American Pastime”. I really do not like to say this, but in reality Football has more popularity than Baseball.  I do believe this started to change in the early 1970s and has grown into a huge money making machine with fanatical followers. When you go to a Youth to NFL football game you see a lot of emotion and enthusiasm coming from all involved. The NFL has tailgating and their fans get decked out for these occasions and show their obvious support for their team.  Football has the splash with the loud noise and cheerleaders.

I do think that baseball is starting to do better at the Professional Level, but more is needed to be done. I really enjoy the atmosphere at the Minor League Baseball Games. We will be expanding on what they are doing and will bring the desired results to all.

I know that you will enjoy reading Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits! You will be part of our team to help expand and promote the game to the masses. There will be a lot of off the wall marketing ideas, and we will assist all readers with ideas to raise funds, and a lot of money. Our EBook is perfect for the Youth Coaches, Youth Tournament Directors, High School Coaches, and College Coaches.  Our EBook will be constantly updated from Big Dog Baseball USA and all of our Baseball Family. We welcome all of your ideas, and will email updates for all to share.


Table of Contents

  1. What will be accomplished with Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits?
  2. Youth League Administration
  3. Youth Tournament Directors
  4. Youth Travel Baseball
  5. Youth League Advertising and Promoting
  6. Tournament Promotions and Advertising
  7. On Field Promotions
  8. Concession Stand
  9. Happy Advertisers is what we want!
  10. This conversation will be about Community Involvement.
  11. Business and Community Involvement
  12. Good video and photography program
  13. This is the section where we will delve into News, Sports, and Social Media.
  14. Big TV is where the real action is!
  15. Youth League Benefits of Raising Funds
  16. We are going to discuss the Benefits of our Promotional Manual.
  17. Big Dog Baseball USA is your partner to promote
  18. Coaches, you have the opportunity to work hard and have a better program.
  19. Manual Handbook and Organization


Coaches you have the Opportunity to Work Hard and have a Better Program!

We are Old School here at Big Dog Baseball USA. We expect exceptionalism from all of our coaches. There will be a lot of hard work, fun and a ton of rewards. Our coaches will be in the public eye and will make a difference in their school, team and community.

The Big Dog Baseball USA Family will share our ideas on promotions and will keep track of what are the best and ones that are not as good. I will communicate with my promoters to give as much help as possible. Our goal in promotions is to expand the popularity of Baseball, and to create the excitement for more boys to play the game.

There is no doubt in my mind that we can make a difference in player ability and increase the fan base. All of us will be walking and talking billboards for Baseball. We will all be going, all out, and we will be leading the way! This is your time and with your determination and fire, we will kick some rear! So let’s get after it, and do what we were made to do!

What will be accomplished with Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits?

This effort will need the Big Dog Baseball USA Team and all Baseball fans across America. It will be an ongoing project that will have everyone thinking outside the box. This is where you come in; with any ideas or ways we can improve our promotions. I want to hear any ideas or thoughts on what can be done, so that we can share your idea with others. What we are really doing is going all out to promote Baseball in all ways possible.

The manual is a start and will grow from there, to just the regular fans talking and sharing their experiences with the game. Our organization is determined to make the game better in the dirt and also to promote the game like it has never been promoted.

Our goal is to see fans when they are at a Baseball game enjoying themselves to the maximum and can’t wait to share their experience with others. This can be seen at Minor League Baseball Games, and I can say through experience, the Springfield Cardinals in Missouri, really do a great job on promotions!

We can expand this even more and become even more creative. I want to see this being done in little league tournaments, High School, College and Professional Games. We will do this and I want everyone to help and to feel a part of this exciting endeavor.

Big Dog Baseball USA is excited to lead the way and to see all the fans that attend Baseball games from Youth to Professional to enjoy and want to share their experience. We need to be unique and creative and have the communities in small cities and towns discussing not only the good play but the overall entertainment value.

Now for the individual teams and tournament directors, you will see a big increase in raising money and very happy fans. There will be some work and a lot of fun for all involved in our project to promote Baseball.

Just imagine reaching your goals to raise more funds for your needs and wants. There will be a lot of happy and excited people when you start to see the results of Big Dog Baseball USA and all that will be accomplished. This will be the beginning of something special and we will all be sharing in the results. Remember our goal is to work to make the way the game is played better, and to promote the game to that masses.

Happy Advertisers is what we want.

Our goal is to saturate our advertisers with great value! This will be done and I will help everyone that is involved to make this true! We will share with all the Big Dog Baseball USA Family on what is working the best on our promotions, and advertising. I am going to do my best to get some national accounts for all of us to benefit. We will be thinking outside the box and constantly coming up with more ideas to keep everyone happy!

The first thing that needs to be done is for banners to be on the entire fence at your park. This is a must and should be the first item of business. The extra benefit for the fence ads is your advertisers will have an ad on your website, newsletter and will be promoted vigorously at the park! The advertiser is of the upmost of importance and will be treated as such.  We will be showing you how to cross promote with ads and promotions.

You will need to come up with varied prices for different parts of the fence.  The price will be determined by how much exposure the ad has by the public.  Now to cut to the skinny, they will receive the fence, website, newsletter, and can run a promotion during the game. Plus they will be promoted during the game. You will be in demand because of the quality of your program…….

Big Dog Baseball USA and our Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits is going to be a direction changer for your program. If you currently have a good program, we will help you make it better, if things are not good; we are here to help you to step it up!  You will have at your disposal some very unique ideas that will help you raise funds for your program. The options that you have to build your successful program are numerous, and the material we supply will have you smiling from ear to ear! Our manual will be constantly updated from our Big Dog Baseball USA Family!

Total Cost $29.99

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Thank You

Bob Brown


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