Big Dog Baseball USA Dog Charities

I am a dog lover and have been surrounded by dogs my whole life. When I was young we lived by my Grandparents and they always had 2-3 dogs at all times. We had some names “Tina, Boots, Butch, Teeth, Midge, Whitetail, Robin hood, and Brownie” There was never a dull moment at Grandma’s house.

We moved away from Grandma and then we had Smokey a Big German Sheppard. We also had Markus, Joe, and Sam.

When I moved out of my parent’s house, and then along came Casey, Bear, Saucey, Boone, and now Bruno.

The reason I am stating all of this is to let you know that I have a love and appreciation for our four legged friends. They are there when we are sick, and have the instincts to know this and are there to comfort. We have a need of them for security, and companionship. They are working dogs for the military and police. I have seen where they are able to sniff out diseases and warn doctors, patients, and family members of problems.

I have some Dog Sites that I am fond of and I think you will be also. I am offering to give a 30% discount coupon on our Hats, and Apparel to anyone that signs up to make a monthly donation to any three of my Dog Charities. I will also do the same if you make a onetime donation of fifty dollars.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis- Randy is the main man and some of the work that his people do is quite amazing! He ventures into the rough parts of the city and rescues some abused and homeless dogs. Very few people could do what this man does in the city.

Aspca- Is another organization that is doing some real good stuff for our friends.

The Animal Rescue Site– Everybody should get signed up with this site! You can have daily reminders to click on a tab on their site. When you click on the tab, your click will provide food and care for a dog in need! This can be done every day. They have all kinds of information on their site.

Link done soon for discount!