This is the section that Big Dog Baseball USA will be selling EBooks to our readers. I currently have 1 book and more on the way. I like this source for getting out information to the masses. The EBooks will be updated with our Ezine, when there is more important material. You know what else is nice about self publishing EBooks is  there is no need to be a so called professional writer. I am the living proof!

We might have some former players that have some interest in writing their autobiography.  If there is anybody that has an interest in writing an EBook, get hold of me. We can help you sell it on our Big Dog Baseball USA site.

I have worked very hard on my EBook for youth coaches, tournament directors, high school, and college coaches. This soon to be Baseball Promotional Bible is called “Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits.” Click on the  link and find out how this EBook can help you take your Baseball Program to the next level!

Link to find out more coming soon!