Wong pickoff 4th game 2013 WS

Kolten Wong ¬†pickoff last night was an uncalled for mistake! His run meant nothing at all. The tying run was Beltran at the plate! He was told the exact situation. This should not be done at the youth level. I was past this situation until I saw the interview with Wong after the game and he said this “Not at all. I was just getting ready, getting aggressive,” he said. “It was a hitting situation. Carlos, he can drive the ball. If that ball got down somewhere, I was hoping to go first to third, maybe score.” He also said he was hoping to score on a hit and be aggressive! Wasnt he taught how to play the game as a kid! You take a conservative lead because the run means zero! Beltran is everything! I wasnt happy with the play but his comments afterwards really bothered me.

One person can make a difference but when you get many pulling in the same direction it can create a tidal wave of success!

Bob Brown