About Us

My name is Bob Brown and I have a subject that I am really excited about and want to share with our readers. I will be promoting and discussing baseball in America. I have been and always will be a baseball man. I have played the game “not as long as I had hoped” and was always taught and believed in using the proper fundamentals. I am so happy to get my views out on baseball and to truly make a difference in the game. My goal with Big Dog Baseball USA is to teach the proper way to play baseball. I will also show many instances where it is being taught the wrong way.

Besides my coaching experience, I have observed several years of watching high school baseball and years of hearing about and watching college baseball. I will cut through all the hogwash, and explain what has to be done. This is a great game and believe me it should be a lot better. I want all youth, high school, and college coaches and parents to pay attention. I want all to be very open minded on what you will read and see. Our articles and videos are a must for all members! We have Former MLB players as Authors; they will keep you very interested with their writings.

Our Mission

Big Dog Baseball USA is an organization dedicated to teaching, discussing, and interacting with baseball fans all across America. Our goal is to teach, explain and promote the game to the masses!  We will be working with youth, high school, college and the professional teams in your area. We are a team with all baseball fans across our great country that wants the game to be the best that it can be.

Our Story

In January of 2010 is when I started to brainstorm on a business that would promote and teach baseball. I have always thought the game should be played better and be even more popular with the right direction.  I found the secret to getting my ideas out to the masses was the internet, and all of the information.

I am a baseball enthusiast and always dreamed of this opportunity, to get my views out to the people.  One of the first things I learned, I am not a website creator, even though I tried with the help from a company that specializes in teaching people to build their own website.

Big Dog Baseball USA now has an outstanding webmaster that thinks outside the box like I do. I have an outstanding team that I will introduce later, that are prepared and dedicated to make baseball a better game for all that are involved.  I started to write about baseball when I was 10 years old, so that gives me 46 years of experience.

I have played the game, coached, and watch the game like a scout and manager.   I am very excited that we will have former Major League Baseball Players that are directly involved with our organization!  They will be from all over the country and will have a lot to teach and share!  I will also be doing a lot of writing, teaching, and will also have a TV channel on You Tube called Big Dog Baseball USA TV.  We will be your reliable source for teaching, information and so much more.


Big Dog Baseball USA will have former Major and Minor  League Baseball Players as contributing writers. We are looking for players that are in business for themselves, contractors, or to write for a cause. Each player will write an article 1-4 times a month. They will be writing about Teaching, MLB and MILB Life, Humor and Numerous other baseball related material. The finished article will link back to the individuals business or cause. This will be a service to players in order to give them more exposure.  We fully expect to have players from all over the country, for the benefit of our readers.

Major League Baseball discussion  will be rampant on our website, with opinions from myself, former players, coaches, and any fan that wants to be involved.  I will be commenting on a lot of situations, plays, and players in MLB. I will not hold back on my comments, I see a lot of things going on that needs to be corrected, and explained so that we can improve the game.

Big Dog Baseball USA TV will be broadcast on You Tube!  There will never be a dull moment and all baseball fans will love to view and interact with the former players and myself.  We will have a lot of discussion on games, and will have special guests.

On the Road is where members and readers will fill out information on their MLB and MILB road trips in regard to their experience.   They will write about their experience in the stadium, parking, restaurants, hotels, and so much more. This will be done for MLB and MILB. This information will be shared for all to see.

Big Dog Baseball USA will be promoting this great game all over the country with the help of many! I am pleased to say that we will have help from former MLB and MILB players, youth, high school, college, and professional organizations.  This does not include the masses of baseball fans all over America!

We will be the leader in this endeavor, and will create excitement all over the country! The wave will start on the East coast and flow all the way to the west coast. Then you go to Hawaii and Alaska and we have it all covered, with their sun and snow.

Baseball Promotions Manual to Big Profits will be available to all youth, high school, college and professional baseball teams, and organizations. This will be the Baseball Promotions Bible that everybody will want to get their hands on!  We will cut to the skinny on what needs to be done to promote the game to the masses. We will lead in the manual, and we want everybody to give us more ideas to share with the baseball community. This EBook will be constantly updated with information from Big Dog Baseball USA and from other contributors. We are all in this together to promote baseball to the maximum!

Our readers will enjoy the knowledge of our contributors on teaching the game to the players. This will be done with articles, videos, and personal contact. We will be working very hard to get as much local help as possible.  There will be constant educational lessons coming from former players and myself.   We will be working very hard to help the players and coaches to be the best that they can be.

Big Dog Baseball USA merchandise will be sold through our Store. Our logo is very unique and will create a lot of excitement with baseball fans around the country. My friends Don and Steve are very creative along with the rest of my team, and we can’t wait to get the store up and going with more products.

There will be a lot of other things that we will be doing that will make the game even better!

The Impact

With Big Dog Baseball USA leading the way, we will be seeing the game of baseball played and coached better than it is today. There will be a lot of experts on the game with high expectations for all involved. This will be a combined effort from the baseball community and our team. There will be a very noticeable difference in how the game is promoted in America. We are going to have a lot of hard work, but the finished product will be greatly improved!

Our Team

Bob Brown– Bob is the one running the show, and where the buck stops. My main responsibility is the content of the Big Dog Baseball USA web site, marketing, and coordinating all the content that will be going into all of our projects. When it comes to loving the game of baseball, I am one of those people who is always studying and dissecting the game to find ways to improve the quality.  I love to talk about the game and will enjoy meeting others who want to do the same.

Peggy Brown-Peg is my wife and will have the responsibility of keeping us organized. This is her thing and she really enjoys it. The responsibility of the office will be hers and she will be just super at this position.

Steve Dulle– This man is my webmaster and will do the things that I have no desire to do! You can see that he is very creative and he takes great pride in doing things the right way.  I feel very fortunate to have Steve with us. Steve is the owner of Silver Scope Design on the outskirts of St. Louis Missouri. I highly recommend Steve and his team on any website project you plan on doing in the future.

Don Beile- I have known Don for a long time and always loved his creativity and thinking outside the box!  Don will be running our merchandise department and will be doing all of our embroidery, screen printing, and the fulfillment for us. His company is called Left Hand Promotions and is located in St. Louis Mo.  His creativity is one of his strengths and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for our product line. I am glad to have Don as a friend and as a business associate. You will be very happy with Left Hand Promotions and to deal with Don and his humor.

Whitney Voss– I am pleased to be working with Whitney on all of our public relations work. She works for PR Newswire and will be helping us a lot on all of our press releases. We will keep her busy because of the uniqueness of our business; we will be using her services at the minimum of once a month.

Thank You

Bob Brown