Baseball Equipment Deals

Baseball enthusiast when it comes to saving money in these cash strapped times; I have ways to save you money, and time. Buying baseball equipment online is usually a lot cheaper than buying at your local dealer.

We have 3 dealers for you to choose from, I have used 2 of them with very good success! Baseball Express has been around for years and I have been using them for a long time. The service and products are top notch. Hitting World is a company you can purchase baseball training equipment, and videos. They also have a good supply of quality products. I have purchased weighted batting gloves from them, and was satisfied with the service. Anaconda Sports has a lot of quality baseball equipment and some sports memorabilia. All of our business partners will give you great prices and super service.

Dynamic Baseball Training Aids

Baseball Training to prepare the player to be the best  they can be, will be showcased here! The training methods we have here will entail pitching, hitting, strength, speed, and vision. There will be a lot of baseball videos to choose from to maximize your talent. I am a baseball drills enthusiast and will give members a lot of outstanding tips. The training methods we have, if you work hard it will improve your game. I believe in working hard in practice, so that you can play the game.

I have checked into 4 different coaches on ways to train and educate athletes on how to be quality pitchers. They use some of the same and some different techniques. You will be very pleased with any one of these coaches.

The Complete Pitcher Steven Ellis played in the Cubs farm system. Steve has several websites with a lot of very good baseball tips.

The 90MPH club is top notch with a lot of good information. I have purchased the tapes and have found a lot of good drills.

Pitching with Dick Mills you will find some very useful information. Dick pitched 1 year in the Big Show and 6 minor league seasons.

The Pitching Professor-John Bagonzi , I have purchased his book “The Act of Pitching”. I really like his book, as it gets into a lot of different information.

I have chosen 4 different Hitting Coaches, and will go into some details on each one of them.

Dave Hudgens has coached with the Astros, Athletics, and currently with the Mets. He has a lot of great information on hitting. I really like his information on hitting the curve ball.

Be a Better Hitter has a tremendous amount of information. You will see a lot of baseball hitting drills and videos that are informative.

Back, Back, Back , Sparky Parker has 23 years experience as a baseball hitting coach and a pro hitting instructor.

We have checked out several coaches for strength, speed, and vision training. Baseball requires the need for explosiveness, with speed and strength. Bat speed is real important and will be discussed. We have sources that can increase your foot speed to turn doubles into triples! Vision is of the utmost of importance and we have you covered with visual programs.

Be a Better Better is one of my favorite websites. Check out their information on strength. The vision program with the xlr8 speed balls, is exceptional for pitch identification!

Speed and Power is very informative on baseball speed and strength videos.

Athletic has a speed program that deals with bands and isometrics. They have a lot of testimonials, and  information.

Sports Eye is a computer visual program that will help in pitch identification. This program will help in picking up pitches as soon as possible.

Personal Pitcher– Is a pitching machine that pitches small golf balls. I really like the idea of using small balls in your hitting program.  This program is excellent for the individual player, you can work in the back yard, garage, or the team can use personal pitcher on the side at a practice.  I will have link soon!

Big League eyes is a visual program that uses small golf wiffle balls with colors for identification. This is a good program with ex major league players doing a demo. They also have small focus balls that help you on your eyesight. I will have link soon!