Welcome to our Big Dog Baseball USA Writers

This is your chance to shine and show your personality and increase your business. We will have writers all over the country and the more we have the better it will be for all.

I am very excited about this part of my business and to get to know our writers. I am looking forward to discussing baseball and how we can work together to improve the game. Big Dog Baseball USA will be making a difference in the way the game is played and promoted.

If you have read some of my articles, you know I am very outside the box. I want everybody to have an open mind and add to the discussion. I have plans for all of us that will definitely improve the game and to increase your business!

Big Dog Baseball USA has a goal to improve the coaching at the amateur level. This runs from youth through college programs. The coaching in theses ranks range from poor to very good. I think this is a goal that we should all agree. Our writers will be home remodelers, insurance agents, investment advisors, hitting and pitching coaches.

I consider us all part of the team that has a goal to improve the play of baseball and to promote the game to the masses. My Ebook on promoting the game will be ready to go real soon.  I will help our writers out as much as I can, with selling products, article writing, and some very unique ideas.

Let’s get to what we are going to do in this program. This program is designed to give maximum exposure to our professional baseball writers. Each writer will be found under author, title or region. In the beginning our writers will all be together and as we grow they can be regionalized. This will be done a little at a time as the number of writer’s increases. It is important to recruit our writers as soon as we can so that I can pay for some nationwide exposure. We are very unique so I can run press releases to give you guys a lot of exposure.

We will have writers all across the country and I will keep everybody as exclusive as possible. I will need your help with this also, so there is no crowding.

I think what the readers would enjoy is to get to know you personally. Discuss who was important in your baseball life from the time you were little up to present time. This could be like an autobiography that goes through your baseball life. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to your readers.

Tell some funny stories about your time in the game. The bus rides, dugout, clubhouse and some of the other players that you have met. You want to connect with your reader and develop a trust and perhaps a friendship. Your readers will enjoy your comments about players that you have met that are now in the major leagues.

Something else that can be done is to cover the local teams in the community. This can include youth to the local high school team. Why not write about high school or college baseball in your area.  This can give you a leg up on your competition. Interview the players, fans, and coaches, and become a noticeable person in the community. Big Dog Baseball USA will need to know if you will be covering your local high school or college so that we don’t crowd anybody.

It is real important for you to introduce yourself to our readers. This will be at the end of each article. They will want to know how you can help them in their life. This is where you give a short summary on how your business can simplify and give them superior service and quality! This can include home remodelers, insurance agents, pitching and hitting coaches. Whatever your business, your main concern is to help our readers. I would invite them to check out your business link below.

Also at the end of each of your articles should be a summary of your baseball career. I would include college and professional information and perhaps include Baseball Reference link in your information.

We will set up an RSS feed to let your readers know when you have written a new article. They can sign up for this service and you can stay in contact.

Another benefit for our writers is for the family that is moving from one area to another. The father may be reading your articles for 6 months prior to moving to an area. He feels real comfortable and almost feels like he knows you from your writing. Guess who he will choose to be his insurance agent, pitching coach, and what restaurant he will check out. We want him to ask you about an area he is not familiar, and to trust your judgement. We are all writing for and helping each other. I want my writers and readers if they are traveling to ST. Louis or Missouri to ask me for advice on my area.

Big Dog Baseball USA will be promoting your articles as much as possible. I can see us having a daily, weekly or monthly Writer Spotlight. I will comment and urge readers to do the same. I will take some articles and write my opinion on what was written. I urge you guys to give me your opinions on what we can all do to increase our readership.

I will be doing a lot of things to move us up the SEO engine. This will include interviews, polls, reviews and so much more.

You will each be interviewed and this will be by skype, audio, or print. I will try to get guys on our You Tube channel when it is up and going. There will be a tab for writer’s interviews that our readers can check out.

All of the article writing is a free service to all of our professional players! The reason I am doing this is to give all of us a lot of exposure nationwide to teach, promote and have a lot of fun with fellow baseball people. We want to build our business to have a huge amount of website visitors. The articles that we are all doing will bring in a lot of readers for the benefit of everybody. I stress the articles need to be entertaining and the readers enjoying your personality. Your own personal website will sell them on your business.

I have made a decision for all of my writers except for the people who write for causes; have to be contributors to Big Dog Baseball USA. I want people who will go out and work the program and willing to work hard for the young players and to promote the game to the masses! You will be considered a Writer Gold Member, and will be expected to be active with our program.

I will have a tab Pro Players Contributors. This is where you will have your name, company and link going to your business. This will also be regionalized in due time. The charge for all of this is a onetime fee of $100.00.

It would benefit your company if you had a tab on your website that said Big Dog Baseball USA articles or your company name with a link going to BDUSA. It could even read interesting baseball articles. I think it would help us with readers and SEO if we go Big Dog Baseball USA Articles. This could move us up real fast with Google. Readers could Google BDBUSA articles and your name, and have all your articles. WOW!! I think this could really help us! This could give us a huge name recognition that will help all of us.

If you are currently writing articles about baseball, this will be totally different. This will have nothing to do with your current teaching articles. You want to sell yourself to your readers about your story and personality.

This will take a little time but I want to have a main writer for each MLB team. I want the writer to concentrate on fundamentals and strategy of the game that you are covering. The coverage will be of bad plays and what should have been done. There will also be explanations of good plays and how they were done right.  I think it would be good to write on managerial moves that are explained to your readers. I have done some of this myself and will get back to it once I get more done with our business. This area of our business will contain a lot of teaching. We are going to be totally different than the local papers that report on the game.

The writer can contact youth leagues, high schools and colleges and explain what you will be doing. I would mass market this all over your city as the local team baseball analyst. The same time this is getting done, you will be also promoting your business.

The writers who participate in this will need to have most of their evenings free. This pretty much knocks out our professional hitting and pitching coaches. The position will probably need to be a business owner who does most of his work during the day. There will be no need to analyze every game but it is important to watch the majority.

I think the person best for this position would be someone in business that has high end products. This could be home builders, home remodelers, car sales people and etc. This might also work for investment advisers, insurance agents, and anybody else that can deal with a large number of people.

I want to talk to each writer personally so that I can explain in more detail what we will do with Big Dog Baseball USA.

We are going to give the pros the first shot at this super opportunity but will open to business people that want to do the same in the near future. This will include non professional people that are baseball people.

I am currently working on our agenda to help our writers in the future with more clients. I have some different ideas on what we can do to help the game. We are going to make a difference in baseball and will work hard to improve the game. I am looking forward to working with all of our baseball people to promote the game to the masses!

I hope some of you know how to use word press to be able to get your articles on our site. If you are not familiar with word press, I can show you how and also there are video tutorials. It is real easy, because I have figured it out!



Bob Brown