Massage Therapists as Writers

Massage Therapists all over America

This is the opportunity to increase your business and write short articles about your industry. You will have your own territory that Big Dog Baseball USA will help you promote.

Baseball Commentary will have former professional players as writers. They will be all over the country and will be writing articles about baseball.

We are going to do our best to have baseball massage therapist in the dugouts in professional baseball. I have written an article about how the MTs can help to improve the game of baseball.

M.T. Professionals,

I have a baseball business that has former MLB and MILB players as writers. We will have writers from all over the country promoting and teaching the game. There will be a similar program for business owners who want to report on the game in their community.

I have discussed what I want to do with your AMTA association and got a very good response. This is an opportunity to expand what you are currently doing and to make a difference in the game of baseball. Read this article on the subject-

With your help we can work to have MT Pros in all of the MLB and MILB dugouts. This can really help your industry and also help the game of baseball. Part of the training for your field could be working with high school and college programs. We can do this and I can use your help. I am getting a lot of connections and I will do my best to help your industry to work hand in hand with professional baseball.

There is more we are going to do for your industry! This program will include many in your field and will give the participants a lot of exposure to increase their business!

Number one is I want to find one person that will write for Big Dog Baseball USA. This professional will write articles about massage therapy and will also represent us in our dealings with professional baseball.  He or she will be working with me to get our program into the game. Another responsibility will be to represent and promote business to the other MT Pros in the country.

We now get to the part where this program will go country wide! There will be a limited number of MT Pro Writers. They will need to be self employed and will need to write between 1-4 articles a month. The articles will be about your field and to show your personality and willingness to help others. Our MT’S will be grouped into states and then when more come on we will go to counties.  I will do my best to not crowd our professionals.

Big Dog Baseball USA will be receiving a lot of exposure all over the country. Our former players writing articles will give us a lot of attention.

The cost for our professionals to be involved in this very unique program is $100.00 a year. This is a great deal and I will need some help and your expertise to assure success.


Bob Brown

[email protected]


10-24-13 Update Signup for Writers who are joining Baseball Commentary for Free!

Get on the Diamond and make a Difference!

Big Dog Baseball USA is offering some spectacular deals to get our writers on base. This action will give us the exposure across the country that will help everybody involved. It is time to take action and get involved and to grab your territory!

The special deals are listed below for our future writers.

Former MLB players will be able to join Baseball Commentary for FREE!

Ex MILB players will be free for the first 20 that sign up. Number 21-100 will be half price $50.00!

Business People with hitting and pitching facilities will be free for the first 20 that sign up. This will be for the first year and then the regular price of $100.00 annually.

Regular Business People will be free for the first 20 that sign up. This will be for the first year and then the regular price of $100.00 annually.  Number 21-100 will be half price $50.00!

Massage Therapist Pros will be free for the first qualified 20 that sign up. This will be for the first year and then the regular price of $100.00 annually. Number 21-100 will be half price $50.00! The first 20 to qualify will need to have some writing experience or ability.

We have had so many people that expressed interest in coming on as writers they now have a great opportunity to be involved! Everybody will need to go to the Former Players a writers link. Fill out the Application and copy and send this to us in an email. We will then get you set up as a writer for Baseball Commentary!

This offer will be sent out to the masses soon, so it is time to act! Baseball Commentary is very unique and once we get everybody writing there will be a lot of exposure for everybody involved. We will run a press release all across the country once we get 40-50 writers.

We are all going to work hard to make a difference in baseball and life for a lot of people! I would enjoy talking to everybody to explain more of this unique opportunity!


Bob Brown


Check out Baseball Commentary Marketing Plan Link.


Update 10-24-13 Future Writers, for Free Program!

Our website is setup to take payments and what needs to be done is to copy the application to an email to Baseball Commentary. Then fill in your information and then email. This is the only way we can do this, I have enclosed the form.

Application to be a writer for free for Baseball Commentary

Name of Business:

Owners Name:


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Web Address:

What is your business and give a short description on how your business can help our readers. This will go after each article, and needs to be short but informative. Your link to your business follows this information.





Tell us something about yourself, and career.



Massage Therapists Application to be a Paid Writer for Baseball Commentary